Motivation and Time in phenomenology

An International Conference held online

Venue: Online

Description of the conference

This conference brings together the themes of motivation and temporality in the phenomenological tradition, and explores their complex relationship. Motivation has been identified as the lawfulness that regulates the relations between different moments of intentionality – a lawfulness that differs from causality and reason. It is the unique manner in which subjective life is regulated and through which perceptual and other intentional phenomena are triggered and interconnected. Phenomenological philosophy has also offered ground-breaking insights into the constitution of time-consciousness and the important ways it connects to other phenomena, such as memory, anticipation, self-awareness, perception of temporal objects, etc.

Despite the centrality of motivation and temporality to both our experiential life and to the history of phenomenology, surprisingly little work has been done to explicate the complex relationship between these two intricately linked phenomena. Many important questions remain unanswered: Does the peculiar experiential character of motivation already involve an awareness of time? Or, conversely, does our awareness of time already involve motivation? What kind of experiences embody this intertwinement? And if there is indeed such a connection, do all kinds of motivation relate to time in the same way? This conference launches the investigation into these essential questions.

Conference Speakers

Peter Antich

Dominican University New York

Alessandro Anzà

Vita-Salute San Raffaele University

Celia Cabrera

CONICET, Argentina

Alexis Delamare

Université de Rouen-Normandie & Universität Heidelberg

Ingrid Vendrell Ferran

Universität Marburg

Susi Ferrarello

Cal State University, East Bay

Yorgos Filippopoulos

Panteion University

Thomas Fuchs

Universität Heidelberg

Christos Hadjioannou

Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski”

Sarah Horton

Catholic Institute of Paris

Verónica Kretschel

University of Buenos Aires

Sebastian Lederle

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Renxiang Liu

Tsinghua University

Daniel Neumann

Paderborn University

Charlie Driker-Ohren

Stony Brook University

Vanessa Ossino

University of Cologne & University Fribourg

Jack Reynolds

Deakin University

Andrea Scanziani

University of Milan

Max Schaefer

University of Prince Edward Island

Nikos Soueltzis

University of Patras & National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Genki Uemura

Okayama University

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Organizers and co-organizers

The conference is organized by Christos Hadjioannou and Nikos Soueltzis.

For more information please contact Christos Hadjioannou via email: 

The conference is hosted by the Department of Philosophy and Classical Studies, University of Cyprus. Co-organized by Antzoulis Foundation